A place for my non-fiction

I like accountability. By posting things publicly, my Catholic guilt is triggered: I feel obligated to keep posting and follow through on my commitments. This is how I started my fiction blog, and that is the same principle that will govern this blog. Here are some of the things I might post:

  • Mini essays on films and books. Since I am considering transitioning away from academia (which is a fancy way of saying that I am currently screaming existentially and wanting to drop out of my MA program), it would be nice to continue writing critically on the various things I read/watch. I may hate academia, but I like being scholarly.
  • Creative non-fiction, which is a genre I have virtually no experience in.
  • Reflections on my fiction, particularly the research that goes into my historical fiction.
  • Collections of Neat Things I have found lately, including music, books, shows, articles, etc.

I will post things on a regular schedule, though what that schedule is I have yet to determine. I’m inspired by Warren Ellis’s MORNING, COMPUTER, but Christ knows I won’t have the energy to blog every bloody morning.

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